Kiva makes your trip go further...

As a small business, I passionately support other entrepreneurs, especially in the destinations to which my clients and I travel! Kiva is wonderful organization that lends money to entrepreneurs around the globe. It is not charity, but rather, an opportunity for small business owners around the world to sustain themselves. Once the loan is re-paid, the lender (i.e. you) can re-lend the money to a new entrepreneur to start the process over again!

As a thank you for trusting me with your travel plans, I credit each of my clients (and referrals!) with a $25 gift to lend to an entrepreneur of their choice.  

To learn more, visit Kiva's website at

We envision a world where all people hold the power to create opportunity for themselves and others.
— Kiva Mission Statement

Watch this short video to see how Kiva helps change the lives of people around the world by empowering them to create a sustainable livelihood for their families and themselves. 

Or take 5 minutes to watch this longer documentary-style overview. This is why I do what I do with passion and purpose!