Galapagos Islands

Nearly 200 years ago, Charles Darwin developed his new theory of evolution in the Galapagos Islands, pointing the spotlight on this unique chain of volcanic islands. Its incredible biodiversity and unique geography allows scientists and visitors alike to view natural selection in a place like no other.

Fellow nature nerds and science geeks will appreciate the many ways to explore the islands, from nature hikes of all ability levels, to snorkeling, SCUBA, and kayaking. 

There are two types of accommodations in the Galapagos: small-vessel cruise ships and land-based eco-lodges. Each type of lodging meets high standards of environmental sustainability and are comfortable, stylish, and have modern amenities; however, I find that most people prefer one or the other. 

This is where using a skilled travel professional comes into play! I'd love to chat with you about your preferences and explore our options to see which type of Galapagos Islands experience is best suited for you.