Yes, even "real" travelers need a travel professional!

There is a stigma against using a travel professional (sometimes called "travel agents"), particularly among Millennials. Some travelers believe that travel agents are for "tourists," or that it somehow detracts from the authenticity of an experience.

People often want to plan their travels themselves, preferring to book online and piece the trip together.

But here’s the thing...

Planning the perfect trip is like conducting a symphony.

Travel Planning as Conducting an Orchestra

Part of vacation planning involves the delicate details, like going out of the way to find the *best* local beer or gelato, or the tranquility of sleeping in or reading a book in bed. It’s like the softness of the flutes.

Circle of Life on Safari

But then, sometimes, you need to blow your mind.

Travel can present the opportunity to change your life and oftentimes give you a new perspective on things. This is where the music in your symphony comes to a thunderous crescendo.

Witnessing the circle of life play out in front of your eyes on safari in Kenya, or seeing Darwin’s Theory of Evolution on full display in the Galapagos Islands, or pondering the great mysteries of “What the Hell Happened on Easter Island?

Nature and its history are powerful things.

You came to the symphony for a performance!

And you expect to find that on Expedia? Or from that guy on Trip Advisor who swears he knows what he’s talking about?

Or you’re going to plan it all yourself, while working a full-time job and the occasional Saturday?

Kerplunk! Cymbal crash! It’s like an amateur trying to conduct a symphony with an orchestra who can’t play instruments.

Let me help you.

Let me conduct your symphony.

That’s why I love what I do, because I do what I love.

I hope when you plan your next travel experience, you'll reach out.

Until then...

Keep exploring,

Jacob Marek, Founder & Chief Explorer

To find out more about how to work with a travel professional, check out this helpful infographic.

Jacob Marek, Founder & Chief Explorer, IntroverTravels

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