Who Cuts Your Hair?

This is a super-random question, I know. But I’m assuming you go to a hair stylist; probably the same one each time.

And we all know the horror of a botched haircut, with several weeks of creative cover-ups until it grows out again.

Modern Hairstylist is like a Modern Travel Agent

But I’m willing to bet that you don’t cut your own hair (unless you have a buzz cut, in which case, you’re allowed).

Here's the thing: a good hairstylist has the years of experience cutting, coloring, and styling hair to know how to create all sorts of masterpieces, from waves to weaves, and perms to pompadours.

They even know how to manage hair “problems,” like cowlicks or, like some of us know all too well, thinning hair.

And if you’re Black or Asian, you may very well go to someone who specializes in hair for people like you.

But what do we all rush to do when we get a great haircut?

Take a photo! Duh.

So I’ll make the same analogy when it comes to your travels.

In this analogy, a “simple” trip, like to Cancun for example, is a buzzcut - honestly, there’s not much skill in that, so DIY away.

But for the rest of your travels, I urge you to find a skilled travel professional, just like you would a skilled hairstylist. We have the experience to match you with the right activities, the perfect accommodations, and coordinate the logistics of travel - and make suggestions of things you never even knew existed!

And when problems arise, whether it’s a cowlick or a cancelled flight, a professional will know how to navigate to a proper solution.

And then there are specialists, like me! I couldn’t cut Black or Asian hair to save my life, but I do love planning travel for introverts and catering to our personalities!

And when you have an epic travel experience - like when you get a great haircut - you should show it off to the world!

On all of my group trips, I include a professional photographer, taking candid photos of and for you.

And on private trips, I always recommend scheduling a photoshoot with Flytographer! It’s more affordable than having a professional during the entire trip, but totally worth a few hours of your time to capture some Instagram-worthy photos to make your friends and family jealous.

So next time you need a haircut, go to a stylist. And next time you need an epic travel experience, I hope you’ll reach out to me.   

Until then,

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Jacob Marek

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