What are your New Years Intentions?

It's almost the new year, and everyone's making their New Year's Resolutions.

I gave up on resolutions long ago. With only an 8% success rate, why bother? I mean, how many times would I resolve to only devour one pizza per week before I realize that my love of deep dish far outweighs my desire for chiseled abs?

But recently, my friend and fellow introvert Allie from Coffee & Passport told me that she sets New Year's Intentions - and then commits to taking action. I love it.

If traveling more is your goal in the coming year, then make an effort to commit to it!

How about finding 2 weeks during the year and then preemptively requesting time off from your boss? Or if you find a great deal on a flight to your dream destination, then
buy it!

You can email me to fill in the details afterward (see what I did there?).

But seriously; without commitment and action, our resolutions become daydreams. And your daydreams won't earn you any passport stamps.

So I ask you: what is your New Year's Intention? Even better, where do you intend to travel in the coming year?

Seriously, I'm curious! Leave a comment and let me know - I respond to every post.

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