My Investment in a Peruvian Coffee Farm - Feeling Good by Doing Good

One of my favorite joys in life is a cup of rich, dark coffee. It goes with everything! Sunday crossword puzzles, Monday morning conference calls, or with a decadent dessert at dinner on Saturday night.

As I prepare to spend several months exploring northwestern-South America in-depth, I want to put out good vibes and contribute - in some small part, at least - to the local region. It's just good karma, right?

Ananías grows organic, fair-trade coffee in Peru.

Ananías grows organic, fair-trade coffee in Peru.

So I was naturally drawn to Ananías, an organic coffee farmer from Puerto San Francisco, Tabaconas, Peru. He's known for producing high-quality, organic, fair-trade coffee, which he sells to Cooperative Cenfrocafe. You can see more of his story, and lend to Ananías, over on

Kiva is one of my favorite charitable lending organizations. It is not charity; instead, users can lend money to entrepreneurs around the globe to provide the working capital to grow their own business and sustain themselves. I truly believe that entrepreneurship is the surest way to alleviate global poverty.

Which is why one of my proudest endeavors at IntroverTravels is to sincerely thank each of my clients with a token of my appreciate through a gift-loan. It's yours to decide how you want to invest (there are thousands of loan opportunities available, and each unique story is touching and inspiring in its own way).

Learn more about our Kiva partnership.

So my question is: where would you travel and where would you invest your Kiva loan? It's always best to feel good by doing good.

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