5 Ways Introverts Travel Differently Than Everyone Else

Travel is an essential part of our lives. It offers us the opportunity to learn, explore, relax, or re-energize -- often in the same trip!


Travel elicits emotions that we don’t get to experience on a daily basis. The thrill of stepping foot on a new continent; the pride in getting another stamp in your passport; perhaps the nervousness and fear about being in a foreign land; and certainly the excitement and awe of Mother Nature staring you directly in the face.

Travel is a powerful thing.

But introverts have a very different way of traveling than extroverts. Here are 5 few key distinctions in our travel styles:

1. We get energy from the lack of stimuli.
While extroverts may get that “travel buzz” from the bustling streets of a big city, we introverts get our kicks from the solitude and immensity of Mother Nature. If your heart has ever skipped a beat when you see the Milky Way in its true glory in the middle of nowhere - then you understand!


2. We value culture.
Introverts aren’t typically drawn to a city’s thumping nightlife or swanky hotels. Instead, you’ll find us learning about different ways of life in far-off places around the world or enjoying a comfortable stay in a unique lodge that incorporates elements of local art, nature, and the surrounding environment.


3. We (sometimes) travel solo.
There is a myth that introverts are loners. While it’s true that introverts are more likely to travel alone, small-group trips can certainly be planned in a way that is perfect for us (in fact, that’s what our company was founded on!).

If you do want your own private getaway, solo travel is a wonderful way to challenge yourself and take the time to contemplate things in a way we don’t get to in our daily lives. Solo travel can be extremely cathartic and rejuvenating, especially if you’re surrounded by people in your daily life.


4. Introverts prefer mountains.
Now, there are of course exceptions (e.g. a watery Galapagos wildlife experience). But a recent study showed that introverts were drawn toward mountainous locales, while extroverts preferred beach vacations.


5. We travel slowly.
Introverts don’t always want or need to be on the go. It’s your vacation and PTO, so you should call the shots. There’s nothing wrong with doing some yoga on your lanai or reading a book in your underwear in bed. When planning trips for our clients, we schedule plenty of downtime in your trip in order to re-charge your batteries, and then punctuate each day with a jaw-dropping activity or two.

It can be frustrating for an introvert to live in a world built for extroverts! It certainly pays to be choosy with whom you spend your time, money, and energy. Finding friends, hobby groups, and businesses who take the time to understand you and your personality is a great way to build relationships and enjoy a quality of life that is suited to your own unique style.

Understanding the specific ways in which introverts travel differently is exactly what IntroverTravels specializes in! We design life-changing, nature-inspired travel experiences with plenty of down-time to re-charge your batteries. So, if you’d like to discuss your travel plans, get in touch with us. We'd love to hear from you.

IntroverTravels Founder & Chief Explorer, Jacob Marek, traveling and relaxing (Great Smoky Mountain National Park).

IntroverTravels Founder & Chief Explorer, Jacob Marek, traveling and relaxing (Great Smoky Mountain National Park).

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