Chile, at the End of the Earth

Chile is an incredibly diverse country, in terms of weather, activities, and cultures. It spans more than 2,600 miles from north to south, yet averages a mere 100 miles across.

We love recommending our fellow introverted #NatureNerds get off the beaten path. Sure, Chile is known for the bustling city of Santiago and the nearby wine region, but let us show you some lesser-known, yet arguably more breath-taking, areas of Chile, starting with Chiloé.

Chiloé, a large island off the coast of southern Chile, offers ample hiking and water-based activities. When you are so far removed from an urban area with the comforts of a big city, it's best to consult with a travel professional. On your next trip to Chile, we hope you consider a trek down south to Chiloé.

While there, one of our favorite properties to recommend is the Tierra Chiloé, which we love for its commitment to environmental sustainability, modern decor and urban comforts, as well as its all-inclusive format.

And we do mean all-inclusive!

Expertly prepared meals, a full bar and world-renowned Chilean wines, as well as professionally-guided small-group tours make this a special location to visit when you travel to Chile.

If South America is calling your name and you want to experience the beauty of the country's remote nature experiences, we hope you'll get in touch for a free consultation.