Introvert African Safari

African Safaris (Eastern & Southern Africa)

The safari experience is my all-time favorite way to travel. It's no wonder it tops so many people's Bucket Lists.

Safaris are perfect for nature lovers as well as those who appreciate culture, indigenous tribes, and a beautifully-rustic luxury. Forget what you think you know about Africa; there are a myriad eco-lodges dotting the landscape as well as chic canvas-tented camps. Few things compare to the sounds of the African bush lulling you to sleep at night (and maybe you'll be lucky, like I was, to hear an elephant plod by your tent!)

While on safari, you may wake early to watch the sunrise over the Serengeti from a hot air balloon or you may stay up late for a nighttime game drive as the big cats stalk their prey.

The safari experience is a fairly social one, typically with set meal times and shared safari vehicles, but you'll be able to retreat to your own lodge or tent and have plenty of time to re-charge your batteries. 

African safaris also tend to be all-inclusive, so you'll have daily excursions with expert guides, enjoy world-class cuisine and plenty of wines, beers, and cocktails, and even partake in a classic safari sundowner, an unforgettable sunset happy hour.